He was my jagged Sinatra, my dark magician.

My Role

Identity Design
Web Design


Marten 02.1Marten 02.1

The Project  —

Marten is the moniker for my good friend and super talented musician, Aaron Marten. Branding in the music industry is as important as ever and artists must now look at themselves as a brand with their music as the product. Working as his creative director, I developed a full identity system as well as shot the photography used throughout.

Marten 03Marten 03

Identity  —

Marten's visuals are sophisticated, yet mysterious and lack any unnecesarry frills.


Typography  —

Simple and modern typography goes along with the luxurious feel of his music. It is only ever used in black & white and all caps to keep it candid and unadorned.

Artboard 4Artboard 4

Album Art  —

The album art is kepy extremely minimal with just the small type running down the side. Each new single that comes out gets assigned a color and the number in the bottom corner changes.